Grading system

The System of grading shall basically comprise two weights: Pass and Fail. Scores below 50% for any course taken in the professional programme represent a Fail in that course. Passes are recorded for scores above 50% in any respective course.

However, the Pass mark is constituted of weighted scores designated by letters and descriptions to distinguish deserving students who show excellence and professionalism in their examinations. The table below indicates the designations as applicable to the grading system of the CE professional programme.

Score Range Grade Designation Description Grade Type
80 and above A Excellent/Distinction Pass
75-79 B+ Very Good Pass
70-75 B Very Good Pass
65-69 C+ Good Pass
60-64 C Good Pass
55-59 D Credit Pass
50-54 E Credit Pass
Below 50 F Fail Fail


Students with any special case concerning health, orientation or even academic that may influence their ability to pursue this course or may hamper their efficiency in following the course may do well to contact the National Secretariat or e-mail their concerns to iceghana