CPD Information

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Not only is it an indubitable fact but a trite knowledge that, bridging the qualification gap between academia and industry has been of great concern to employers as well as governments resulting in massive demand for complementary training. ICEG ensures that academic qualification in economics and other courses remain relevant to the changing needs of industry and the economy at large by providing critical support in Continuous Professional Development (CPD). This helps resolve the mismatch between academic education and industry requirements.

Section 32 of our Professional Code of Conduct styled, “Participation in the Institute’s Programs”, makes the provision to the effect that, Members and Students must participate in every program of the institute in good faith; otherwise provide reasonable excuse in writing to that effect. Members must participate in at least one Continuous Professional Development (CPD) organized by the institute within a year. Consequently, it has been explicated under Section 35 of our Code that, professional misconduct on the part of a member of the Institute includes the Member not participating in a continuous professional development within a year. Below is some of our CPDs. Find out more details about the next CPD from the Secretariat.