Code of Ethics


The Institute of Chartered Economists – Ghana (ICEG) acknowledges ethics as a set of moral principles or rules of conduct that provide guidance for our behaviour when it affects others. Widely acknowledged fundamental ethical principles include honesty, fairness, diligence, and care and respect for other. The Institute of Chartered Economists of Ghana is committed to Professionalism, Integrity, and Excellence (PIE) as its core values.

ICEG has been critical in setting and policing standards of behaviour for professional economists given that ethical behaviour is a central pillar of professionalism. Professionals unfettered by well-policed sound ethical codes, discipline, organizational transparency; and strong guidelines for behaviour can wreak havoc with the economy. ICEG also assist normalize the ethical standards of professional economists

It is against this backdrop that ICEG adapt and compiled these Codes to the ultimate benefits of society. In line with this commitment we expect employees, candidates, and members to comply with the provisions of this Code of Professional Conduct. Fellows, staff, members, and candidates shall be required to diligently adhere to the provisions of this code of ethics. Persons who have serious concerns about breach of any provision of this Code are encouraged to come forward and voice those concerns with the knowledge that, if made in good faith, their action will be viewed positively. Download the Professional Code of Ethics below:

Download our full code of Ethics in PDF